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Translations – basic information

We provide translation services in line with the requirements of ČSN EN 15038 “Translation services – service requirements”.

We specialize in translations of operating instructions, manuals, technical documentation and commercial and legal documents.

Amongst our specialities is the creation of terminological on-line dictionaries. Such dictionaries can be operated directly on company websites.

Wide range of languages

We translate into all world languages including less common languages and their combinations.

Translations of specialized texts

From the very beginning of our operations, we have specialized in translations of technical, IT, legal, economic and other highly-specialized texts.

Translations are always made by professional translators having the appropriate language qualification and knowledge of the given subject.

Certified translations

We also provide certified translations, which are intended for communication with authorities and institutions both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Certified translations are made by certified (sworn) translators who have been authorized for this activity by respective courts.

A certified translation is firmly bound to the original document or notarized copy and to the interpreter´s clause, which bears the round stamp and signature of the certified translator.

A document bearing the interpreter´s signature, officially stamped, satisfies the requirements of public authorities for public acts.


We provide grammatical, stylistic, technical and pre-print proof-reading.

Proof-reading is recommended particularly for documents intended for public presentation.

Translated documents

We frequently translate the following types of documents:

Technical texts

  • operating instructions
  • user manuals
  • technical documentation for machinery and equipment
  • safety data sheets
  • technical specifications
  • standards
  • production regulations
  • websites
  • catalogues
  • certificates
  • patents, etc.

Legal and economic texts

  • contracts
  • laws
  • certificates of incorporation
  • commercial terms and conditions
  • directives
  • regulations
  • judgments
  • auditor´s reports
  • financial statements
  • tender documents
  • articles of association
  • annual reports, etc.

CAT software tools

We apply CAT tools, which considerably improve quality and effectiveness of translations..

The main advantages of CAT tools are as follows:

  • ensuring consistent terminology in all translated documents;
  • speeding up the translation process;
  • reducing the translation cost.

Delivery dates - lead times

Delivery dates are agreed individually. The client requirement is the crucial criterion for us when determining the delivery date.

Specification of lead times

Standard delivery date

The amount of the translated text ranges from 6 to 8 standard pages per day.

Speedy delivery date

The amount of the translated text exceeds 8 standard pages per day.

Express delivery date

The translation is made on the day when the order was placed or within 24 hours.

Teams of several translators are created for large projects or when speedy or express delivery dates are required.

We also provide translations over the weekends - at standard prices, with no extra charges.

DTP- graphics processing of documents

Basic graphics processing is provided for all translated documents.

Final graphic layout can be ordered for documents that are intended for printing or for any other form of presentation. The final layout can be either identical with the source document or a new, original layout can be created upon customer´s request.

The source document can be supplied both in electronic and printed form.

Way of handing over documents

Documents for translation as well as completed translations can be supplied in any agreed way, for instance:

  • via e-mail
  • by fax
  • by post
  • in person
  • by courier, etc.