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Interpreting – basic information

Our agency provides professional interpreting service from/into Czech and many other language combinations.

We focus on specialized subjects such as technical, IT, economic, commercial law and other fields.

Interpreting service is always provided by professional interpreters, who, in addition to perfect language and interpreting skills, have fundamental technical knowledge of the given subject.

To ensure the smooth course of your events, particularly in case of simultaneous interpreting, we are able to arrange interpretation equipment including technical support, i.e. transportation to the site, installation, attendance of the apparatus throughout the event and removal after it has finished.

We provide interpreting service all over the Czech Republic and abroad.

Types of interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the most common type of interpreting. The speaker delivers his speech in short segments, which are subsequently translated by the interpreter into the desired language.

This type of interpreting is used in business meetings, lectures, smaller-scale conferences, training sessions, excursions, presentations, etc.

No technical equipment is necessary for consecutive interpreting. A microphone and sound-amplifying equipment can be used if the event involves a large number of participants or if there are adverse audibility conditions.

Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting, the speaker speaks without any pauses and the interpreter translates the utterance into the desired language in parallel with the speaker as his/her presentation continues.

This type of interpreting is used in conferences, lectures, speeches, training sessions and similar events.

Simultaneous interpreting is usually provided by a team of two to three interpreters, who take turns in certain intervals. The number of engaged interpreters depends on the difficulty and length of interpreting.

Technical equipment is usually used, involving mainly booths for the interpreters, microphones, headphones for the attendees, etc.

Certified (sworn) interpreting

Certified interpreting is performed by interpreters registered with the relevant Czech courts. These interpreters hold a certified interpreter´s stamp.

Certified interpreting is required for certain official acts such as court hearings, wedding ceremonies, notarial proceedings, etc.

We will be happy to recommend you the most suitable type of interpreting for the planned event.

We frequently provide interpreting service in the following events

  • business meetings
  • company presentations
  • training sessions
  • general meetings
  • lectures
  • proceedings in public offices
  • court hearings
  • social meetings, etc.