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CAT stands for Computer Aided Translation, i.e. translation using special software. Actually, these are data base programs designed for professional translators – not to be confused with machine translation. CAT considerably improves efficiency and accuracy of a translator´s work.

It is advantageous to use the above-mentioned software especially for texts containing repeating passages and for texts where emphasis is placed on accuracy and consistency of the used terminology. Typical examples involve translations of technical documentation (operating instructions, user manuals, spare part catalogues, etc.), contracts, websites, etc.

Main advantages of CAT tools:

  1. Translation memory
    The software stores every translated sentence written by the translator into the memory. If an identical sentence occurs in a newly translated text (either word by word or with minor alterations), the translator is automatically offered the previous translation. This function helps achieve significant time and financial savings (a considerably lower price is charged for repeating texts – as much as by 70 % less).
The translation memory can be additionally created also from the documents translated without using CAT tools.
  2. Terminology database
    The system creates on an ongoing basis a terminology database containing technical terms specific for the given field and subject (it is optimal if experts of the company ordering the translation assist with the creation of the terminology database). The software will ensure consistent terminology in all translated texts. It is very helpful also in large projects where several translators work simultaneously on one translation.

CAT tools can be used for making translations in the following formats: MS Office (Word, …), Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, HTML, XML, SGML and others. The system stores all formatting data, so the layout of the target language document is identical with the original.

We are now able to offer you translations made using the most common CAT tools - TRADOS and TRANSIT.